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A boy's hostel was started in 2006 with a view to give holistic education to the boys of the surrounding areas. The hostel was inaugurated by Shrimant YashodhraRaje and now has 300 boys.

The boys have a caring and comfortable environment in spacious and airy dormitories and are looked after by trained matrons and housemasters.

The students are provided with hot water in the winter months heated by our solar panels. The rooms are air cooled and have attached toilets. The hostel has 24 hours back up of electricity and a doctor on call.An amphitheatre enables the students to collect every day in the evenings for a period of meditation and reflection and is a place where they put up shows and performances.

CCT cameras are provided in all the rooms to provide security and a 24 hour security guard is posted at the entrance for safety.

There are 3 TVs for the students to watch and newspapers are provided along with books to keep the students entertained and informed.

Tasty and nutritious food is served to the students in a large dining hall and the food is prepared hygienically in a modern kitchen. The students are provided with 3 meals and milk and fruit daily.

Special diet is given every Saturday and the students enjoy junk food on Sundays as a special treat.

Coaching is provided for students every day and special teachers are allocated for supervising the home work.

Students have special hobby and computer classes in the evenings and compulsory games period is provided after school hours where the child can chose their own game. Once a term the students are taken on an outing or for a movie.

Kathamill Colony, A. B. Road, Shivpuri (M.P.) 473638
Email Id- infohappydaysschool@gmail.com