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HDS Special Programs

NSS Camps At CIAT (Counter Insurgency & Anti-Terrorist) CAMP, CRPF

Special camps for the NSS students are organized at C.I.A.T. School CRPF, Shivpuri every year The students of class 11th of both CBSE and MP Board along with their escorts camp at C.I.A.T. camp for six days. The camp toughens them up besides incorporating social values in them. The time spent with the disciplined jawans who are committed for the cause of the nation is enriching and inspiring for our students. The six days spent together are full of action and learning. The team building games bring out the leadership qualities and helps to incorporate traits and values such as co-ordination, co-operation and planning. The class on jungle survival is really an experience of a lifetime. The days spent in the camp helps our students to practice and experience slithering, rappling and introduces them to army training. The physical conditioning, exercises, rock climbing, jungle trekking and treasure hunt also helps in his regard. Students also attend a number of lectures on various topics such as disaster management and survival techniques. The camp with the help of CRPF jawans provides an opportunity to do some social work at local villages. These activities help the members understand the real picture of Indian villages and it inspires the social activist dormant in them

Mrs Rekha Singh
NSS Co-ordinator.

Meeting with an Apostle of Peace -The Dalai Lama

Though we had heard a great deal about the living spiritual legend Dalai Lama, we never imagined that we would get an opportunity to meet him in person. Thus imagine the boundless joy we experienced as we were selected to represent our school to attend a long session with His holiness, Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama We the students of Happy Days School were the most fortunate to be the part of the students from nine schools which got representation in the meeting. Ours was the only one from outside Delhi. I often describe myself as a Son of India because my brain is full of Indian thought, and my body has been sustained these 50 years and more by Indian rice and roti.’’ As the Dalai Lama started talking `The young minds of the 21st century’ never felt that the 78 year old spiritual leader was as old as his age; instead we felt that he was one among us, with the energy, vision and fire within to uplift the minds of the young generations from the narrow minded concepts that limit and fragment the earth. Completing the two sessions with him we really felt enriched and enlightened. We all really cherish those few moments with him, the holy incarnation of truth, peace and wisdom, as the luckiest moments in our lives.

Protection and Promotion of our heritage

India is a country of diversities with a culture and heritage that has evolved over a period of time. To know about our heritage a project – “Save Our Heritage – Protection and Promotion”, was conducted of our town Shivpuri which is very rich in heritage. It was purely an academic based research project. Worksheets based on information of Shivpuri, and identification of monuments like Bhadaiya Kund, Town Hall, Chattri, Madhav National Park and Survaya Gharhi different migratory birds which visit Shivpuri during the winter season, the oldest trees of Shivpuri – the Semal tree and the Kadamb tree which has been awarded as the oldest Kadamb tree of India, information of various flora and fauna and the extinct and endangered species A group of 100 students from classes 6 – 10 were trained to work on the project by Mrs. Kamakshi from INTACH, Gwalior. For protection and promotion of heritage sites, students of classes 7 – 11 have created a community on Facebook where one can share images, information of sites, their importance and measures to preserve them. Students of class 11 explored the industrial heritage of Shivpuri by visiting old factories and mills. This visit helped them to gain knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship and the gradual growth of an industry. The project was successfully concluded by organizing a short programme related to the various activities undertaken individually and through a workshop organized by Mrs. Kamakshi Maheshwari.

tGELF Leadership Training

tGELF is a foundation which works with an objective of identifying and giving “Youth Leaders” to future India for ‘co- creating tomorrow’. We were given a chance to participate in the ‘Harmony Fest 2016’ organized by tGELF at ‘The Scottish High International School’ Gurgaon (Haryana). We decided to participate in three different competitions, which were- ‘Sense Reason & Intellect- Debate Competition’, ‘Street Blenders- Street Play’, ‘Magic with colours- Drawing and painting’ for which, most suitable and finest students were selected. A week before the competition, we got the topic for our debate, which was- ‘Art and Artists should be protected from Politics’. On the final day of the competition, I was pleasantly surprised to see my name being announced for the ‘2nd Best Speaker’ among almost sixty participants. It was one of the biggest moments of my life. The experience I got at Scottish High cannot be defined in words. But I learned three perceptible things by this journey #Confidence does not come by winning every time, it comes with an attitude that ‘if I fail, I’ll try again’. #you succeed when you realize that there isn’t any substitute for hard and smart work

Saransh Sharma