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The Wonder Years

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy

The heart of any school is its children…its ambiance….its architecture…its spaces…its work ethos…values it imbibes. "A child has a hundred languages, hundred thoughts, hundred dresses, ways of thinking, playing and speaking"- Loris Malaguzzi. The focus is the child, and the forums we create are for tapping their true potential. Experiences and insights springing from the Reggio Emilia approach represent a unique combination of elements. It has taught us the value to respect the child’s work, opportunities and possibilities to express their individuality.Education born from intuition, taste, ethics ,values, choices is possible when our expectations of the child is flexible and varied. We must be able to catch the ball that children throw at us, and toss it back to them in a way that makes the children want to continue the game with us, developing perhaps, other games as we go along. This approach offers how teachers can, through documentation and teamwork prepare their school environment and activities that awaken in young children powers to perceive, study and represent through guided play, exploration and self-expression –“A Child’s world should be a world of endless possibilities”. It means that we should strive to be more open to a range of possible experiences with children and help them indeed turn the possible into the reality.
(Gita Diwan) DIRECTOR

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