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Achievements of the school


  • Divyank Bhola and Pulkit Garg secured 1st position amongst 600 students at the NSS State meet at Mau in MP
  • The school stood first in the dance competition at the district level at the 15 th. August celebrations and secured first prize for the best Dandia performance.
  • Prashika Dua stood first in the drawing competition organized by UNICEF.
  • Rithik Jain stood third at the speech comp at the sahodaya interschool in Gwalior..
  • Six Scouts of our school received the Governors award from Mr. RM Yadav governor of MP
  • Students of the special section participated and won several prizes on the occasion of disability day by the Govt department
  • Sanskar Jain and Rithik Jain stood first in the National Science Olympiad at the district level. Sanskar Jain secured was amongst first 100 students in a Science Competition organized by MP Govt. amongst several thousand students
  • Vineet Sharma of class 11 attended a national integration camp at Delhi and Himachal and was awarded a prize for climbing 6000 meters.
  • Chitwan Sharma , Sanskar Jain, Anshija Seth and Harshit Agrawal qualified amongst 106 students in the quiz competion by Bharat Vikas Parishad and the school secured 2 nd position in the singing competition.>
  • Awards

    At Happy Days to encourage achievements in various disciplines students are rewarded for their efforts with awards and also running Trophies . The running trophies were instituted in 2002-03 by the generous donation of Mr. Rajiv Puri and Mrs. Malini Puri in memory of her grandparents (Paternal and Maternal) .They are an incentive for students to achieve honour in fields ranging from Academics to Sports and Arts

    Diwan Rani Vidyavati Trophy for excellence in Academics

    Diwan Daulat Ram was the founder of The Gwalior Forest Products Ltd. He was an extremely intelligent and forthright person loved and respected in Shivpuri where he made his permanent home and business in 1947. Having lost all his ancestral properties and Industries besides the farm land in the upheaval and holocaust of partition , he moved to Shivpuri where providentially a small katha unit had been set up in 1943(pre-partition). This became his sole industry. He bravely overcame his loss and concentrated on running the katha mill which was the second of its kind in the country. He was ably aided by his son Diwan Surinder Lal.The Katha mill has now diversified into a Herbal Extraction Unit which is being run by his grandson Diwan Arvind Lal and great grandson Arjun Lal. Diwan Arvind Lal together with his wife Mrs. Gita Diwan have successfully created the Happy Days School along with a Hostel for BoysM

    Students who have received this Trophy

    Name of Student Year
    Gaurav Bansal 2002-03
    Deepali Jain 2003-04
    Money Jain 2004-05
    Jyoti Sharma 2005-06
    Ritu Bansal 2006-07
    Surabhi Goyal 2007-08
    Sugam jain 2008-09
    Meenal Mangal 2009-10
    Hemandra Rana 2010-11
    Apoorva Shrivastava 2011-12
    Rohit Bhasin 2012-13
    Harshita Shrivastava 2013-14
    Rishita Goyanka 2014-15
    Ritik Agarwal 2015-16
    Ayushi Sharma 2016-17

    Diwan Daulat Ram Trophies for Excellence in Sports

    The Trophy for Excellence in Sports is awarded in memory of Diwan Rani Vidyawati. She was a remarkable and highly evolved personality with great strength of charactor .She did not let the loss of her home in Gujaranwala (Pakistan) upset her. Despite her inability to complete her education due to ill health, she was able to address large religions congregations with immense confidence .She also sang Bhajjans at these gatherings which she had composed herself . She was a staunch believes in the education and emancipation of women.

    Name of Student Year
    Vivek Bagga 2002-03
    Amrat Bajpai 2003-04
    Aishwarya Pateria 2004-05
    Juhi Jain 2005-06
    Varun Sharmal 2006-07
    Chhaya Ali 2007-08
    Ravi Pratap Singh 2008-09
    Hemant Rana 2009-10
    Hemant Raman 2010-11
    Anmol Jain 2011-12
    Pulkit Garg 2012-13
    Amritanshu Arora 2013-14
    Shivansh Mehta & Prashika Dua 2014-15
    Prashant Chhari 2015-16
    Ayush Bhadoriya 2016-17

    Dr. Inder Mohan Trophy for Excellence in Art

    This trophy is awarded in the memory of Dr. Inder Mohan Puri ( the maternal grandfather of Diwan Arvind Lal ). Besides being a scientist and an entomologist ,he was also a P.HD from Cambridge university . He was a creative artist , innovative and versatile who on retirement as Director in the Malaria Institute of India became an extremely successful farmer in the Terai.

    Name of Student Year
    Piyush Mishra 2002-03
    M. Neeraj 2003-04
    Piyush Sharma 2004-05
    Monika Sharma 2005-06
    Surabhi Jain 2006-07
    Trapti Mahate 2007-08
    Ajanta Saxena 2008-09
    Manu Sharma 2009-10
    Parag Jain 2010-11
    Pulkit garg 2011-12
    Chitwan Sharma 2012-13
    Adarsh Bhargava 2013-14
    Anshija Seth 2014-15
    Aman Sethi 2015-16
    Saransh Sharma 2016-17

    H.H Shrimant Vijaya Raje Scindia Award for Overall Excellence

    An additional Trophy for the Middle School is awarded for overall Excellence . This trophy is instituted in the memory of Shrimant Rajmata VijayaRaje Scindia, who was a well loved personal friend and patron of the Diwan family.The Rajmata was known for her dedication to education and popularily known as Amma Maharaj . She made a remarkable contribution to the development of this region especially Shivpuri . She was recognised as one of the leading and most respected personalities of the country.

    Name of Student Year
    Mohak Garg 2006-07
    Priyesh Mehta 2007-08
    Pulkit Garg 2008-09
    Chitvan Sharma 2009-10
    Ratika Bharadwaj 2010-11
    Shivansh Mehta 2011-12
    Titiksha Goyal 2012-13
    Chitwan Sharma 2013-14
    Sukhmeet Batra 2014-15
    Divyank Karmavat 2015-16
    Asmita Goyal 2016-17

    Mrs. Sheila Puri Award for Overall Excellence

    A Trophy is awarded for overall Excellence in all three disciplines Academics ,sports and Arts for class XII students. This Trophy is awarded in memory of Mrs. Shiela Puri. She was extremely talented and versatile with a strong aesthetic sense. As a member of the All India Womens conference, she was a capable social worker,very sympathetic for social causes. In 1947 she started a cooperative society in her home to help refugee women stand on their own feet and give them a livelihood, confidence and dignity. As she was an experienced needle woman having trained in the Royal School of Needlework London she guided them into making and embroidering garments and table linen which were sold at the Cottage Industries Emporium in Delhi.She then worked for a time with the Oberoi Hotels until her husband started farming in the Terai. This was pioneering work at the start. Living in thatched huts with the ever present danger of wild animals, mainly elephants and tigers. But she succeeded admirably into becoming a perfect farmers wife adjusting to the new conditions using her talents as a homemaker. Her aesthetic and creative nature making even the rough mud hut into a beautiful home">

    Name of Student Year
    Pulkit Garg 2012-13
    Chitvan Sharma 2013-14
    Ratika Bharadwaj,Divyanshi Verma 2014-15
    Prashika Dua 2015-16
    Titiksha Goyal 2012-13
    Sarthak Chouksey 2016-17


    This award is given to a student from class 5 who has excelled in academics and co-curricular activities.


    Awarded to a student of class 11 who has excelled in NSS activities

  • For alumni who have achieved success in a short period .


  • Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students from primary, middle and secondary section every year
  • Scholarships for higher studies for meritorious students awarded by NGO Vahini and Mr. Asit Oberoi.
  • Kaveri House

    A house is a symbol of togetherness and hard work. And Kaveri literally means "Jeevanadhi"- a river supporting life. Named after a river, we are conscious of our duty to march forward, taking all our students along with us. In keeping with our motto of "team work and harmony" we strive to give chance to as many of our students as possible to participate in inter-house activities. Team work fosters good will among students . It helps to ease the effort and brings success within reach .The wide range of inter house activities organized in the school help to develop the talents in students and build their skill and confidence.

    Yamuna House

    ( Marching ahead with harmony and perseverance)All the houses in our school are named after great rivers, which are life lines of India. Our's is named after "Yamuna," a river associated with our glorious past and a whole civilization grew around it . On one hand, it has witnessed childhood of Lord Krishna and on the other hand, on its bank stands one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. The aim of our house is 'Action' as preached by Lord Krishna in the Gita. Our object is achieving our goals with the spirit of cooperation, hardwork and harmony. We are dedicated completely to progress in all aspects with a healthy competitive spirit.

    Narmada House

    Our house has been named after the river Narmada and we encourage the students to display their talents and potential. Narmada is the largest river of Madhya Pradesh . Narmada in Sanskrit language means "Giver of pleasure". It originates from Amarkantak in the hills of Satpura ranges. Our Motto : To spread joy and peace. Our aim : 1. Maintaining discipline and developing the spirit of cooperation 2. Encouraging students to participate in various school related activities such as competitions, sports, cultural programmes and social activities. We believe that success does not make a competition great. What really matters is the contribution towards making everyday better.

    Godavari House

    It is named after a river which is the second largest river of India .As water flows and moves forward twenty four hours, so do we. The motto of our house is 'Rising Towards Perfection' The red colour of our house signifies affection , hope and passion . It also represents fire, the fire of the desire for perfection. The house has shown active participation in all fields, academics as well as sports. We have always stood first in sports activities, be it football, handball or cricket. Our students have shown immense dedication and hard work towards house activities. We have always tried our level best to bring out the hidden talent among students and have been successful in removing their stage fear and hesitation. The confidence will stand them in good stead when they graduate from school

    Ganga House

    ("Ganga cha Yamuna chaiva godaveri sarsawati narmada sindu kaveri jabesmin samnidhim karu ")River Ganga is considered sacred and purifies body and soul. Regardless of all scientific understanding of its water,the Ganga is always symbolically pure in Hindu culture. The Ganga is also the mother , the Ganga mata of Hindu worship and culture , accepting all and forgiving all. As we are grouped as Ganga House, our motto is "Maintaining purity of body and soul"

    Our Aim :
  • To promote total development of students to develop an aptitude for inculcating the right value and a healthy team spirit.
  • To encourage them to strive towards excellence in every field
  • To be firm in faith in oneself.
  • To be appreciative of our national excellence in every field.
  • To have respect for parents and the society.
  • It is believed that Ganga will remain forever under any circumstance. So it is our aim to cultivate the spirit of healthy competition and ever lasting enthusiasm in our children .
    G - Glorious
    A -Active
    N -Nice
    A -Ambitious

    Winners of 2016-17

    House Name House Master
    Ganga Mr. Yogendra Sharma
    Inter House School Competition, Session 2016-17
    Declamation Competition: 18-04-16
    Name of student Class House Name Position
    Udita Devi 6 B Gnaga 1st
    Mansi Rathore 6 A Godavari 2nd
    Vashishtha Verma 6 B Godavari 3rd
    Rashi Samadhiya 7 B Narmada 1st
    Deeksha Tiwari 7 B Kaveri 2nd
    Ananya Jain 7 A Ganga 3rd
    Vasu Rawat 8 C Kaveri 1st
    Aditi Bhargava 8 B Ganga 2nd
    Asmita Goyal 8 C Yammuna 3rd
    Divyank Karmawat 9 C Godavari 1St
    Kartikey Mishra 9 B Yammuna 2nd
    Sumit Danawat 9 C Ganga 3rd
    Poorvi Rawat 10 B Kaveri 1st
    Sukhmeet Batra 10 C Ganga 2nd
    Aditi Rathore 10 C Ganga 3rd
    Ritik Asthana 11 A Narmada 1st
    Abhi Asthana 11 A Godavari 2nd
    Saransh Sharma 11 C Ganga 3rd
    MedhaThapliyal 12 A Narmada 1st
    Nipun Arora 12 A Godavari 2nd
    Harshit Agarwal 12 A Ganga 2nd
    Priya Gupta 12 C Kaveri 3rd
    English Debate :- 08-08-2016
    Name of student Class House Name Position
    Poorvi Rawat 10 B Kaveri Ist
    Divyank Karmawat 9 C Godavari IInd
    Pushpit Jain 10 A Ganga IIrd
    Rashi Goyal 11 B Ganga 1st
    Vedika Nigam 11 A Godavari Ist
    Mansi Goyal 12 A Godavari Ist
    Sakshi Jain 12 A Kaveri 1st
    Ritik Asthana 12 A Narmada 3rd
    Patriotic Song :- 15-08-2016
    S_no House Name Position
    1 Godavari Ist
    2 Gnaga 1st
    3 Yammuna IIIrd
    English Extempore Competition (10-11-2016 & 11-11-2016)
    Name of student Class House Name Position
    Ira Rajput III Narmada Ist
    Daisy Bhola III Kaveri IInd
    Kanika Jain III Kaveri IIIrd
    Harjit Gurjar IV Kaveri Ist
    Chitranshi Rathore IV Narmada IInd
    Ayush Gupta IV Godavari 3rd
    Sanchit Goyal V Ganga IInd
    Nilaxi Nagar V ganga 3rd
    Vashishth Verma VI Yammuna 1st
    Udita Devi VI ganga 2nd
    Aryaman Gupta VI Ganga 3rd
    Udita Devi VI ganga 2nd
    Aryaman Gupta VI Ganga 3rd
    Ayush Gupta IV Godavari 3rd
    Udita Devi VI ganga 2nd
    Aryaman Gupta VI Ganga 3rd
    Gargi Richariya VII Godavari 1st
    Rashi Samadhiya VII Narmada 1st
    Deeksha Tiwari VII Kaveri 2nd
    AnshikaBindal VII Ganga 2nd
    Nida khan VIII Godavari 1st
    Asmita Goyal VIII Yamuna 2nd
    Garima Jain VIII Ganga 3rd
    Divyank Karnawat Ix Godavari 1st
    Nipun Shivhare IX Yammuna 2nd
    Masoom Jain IX Ganga 3rd
    Poorvi Rawat IX Kaveri 1st
    Sarthak Gupta X Narmada 1st
    Jatin Yadav X KaveriNarmada 2nd
    Muskan X Narmada 3rd
    Fireless Cooking Competition: - 12-1-2017
    S_no House Name Position
    01 Narmada Ist
    02 Kaveri 1st
    03 Godavari 3rd