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Examination and Promotion Rules

I- Examination and Promotion Rules

As per CBSE norms for classes VI to X

Three Written Periodic Tests will be conducted for each Subject in the entire Academic Session.

  • Pre Mid Term-First week of August
  • Mid Term-First week of November
  • Post Mid Term-Second week of January
  • Average of the Best two will be taken

Final examination will be held in March with complete syllabus.

It is mandatory to appear in all the examinations.


Annual Examination 80%
Periodic Tests 10%
Notebook Submission 5%
Subject related Activities 5%
Total 100%

Detail of assessment of Note book Submission

Regularity and Punctuality (1 mark)
Assignment Completion (2 marks)
Neatness and notebook upkeep (2 marks)

Detail of Subject Enrichment Activities

A. Languages - Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills
B. Science - Practical Lab Work
C. Mathematics - Conducting of Lab Activity
D. Social Science - Map Work &Project Work


1. Work Education
2. Art Education
3. Health and Physical Education


1. Attendance
2. Sincerity
3. Behavior
4. Values

Grading will be done on a five point basis for both II and III

A - 5, B - 4, C - 3, D - 2, E - 1

It is mandatory to appear in all the examinations.

For Class XI

  • Promotion will be based on the weightage of the marks obtained in the class test and three examinations i.e. 1st term,
  • 2nd term and 3rd term*. A candidate must obtain minimum 35% in each subject and an aggregate of 40% for promotion.
  • Students who fail in a class more than once will have to discontinue with the school. The attendance of 75% during the academic year is compulsory to appear in the final examination.

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