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Working for International School Award was an interesting journey. It was an initiative taken by the School to provide exposure to teachers and students to understand the diverse culture of the world and expose students to the challenges and issues at a global level. British Council’s International School Award provided opportunities and exposure to the students and teachers to enhance their knowledge through various project activities. A large number of activities were conducted under ISA to develop skills amongst teachers and students involving creativity, problem solving, decision making, leadership and thinking skills .Attitude of people changed and habit of independent learning developed. Students, teachers, parents, visitors and support staff were involved constructively to complete the journey of ISA. To achieve International School Award, seven curriculum based projects were taken up that included an annual audit outlining the schools action plan for developing an International Dimension. These project activities gave first hand learning experience to the teachers and students. Students prepared compost with garbage in school as well as at home. Trash garden developed and exhibition displayed on waste material. Equal excitement was reflecting amongst students while doing activities on Dress-Our Identity and Food. Role Play, Debate, Quiz and talks were the integral part of these projects. Children developed global perception towards the concepts when these activities were shared with partner schools. Common platform was opened to share their views with each other. Exchange of International Collaborative activity-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle –‘Go Green’ with Muslim Hands School of Excellence, Bagh AJK School was very exciting. Activity details along with pictures of activities undertaken by both schools were exchanged. Efforts made by teachers and students of both schools were acknowledged by each other. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the most of the activities were similar e.g.; products made from waste materials. We concluded the exchange of our projects by exchanging feedback on our activities that contains learning outcomes of teachers and students. Project space was created to collaborate our projects with Damkada Higher Secondary School and Gyan Sindhu School, Nepal, Valley Primary School, London, UK, Christ Church Girls College Baddegama, Srilanka and Krishnakumari City Corporation Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Bangladesh. The journey as an ISA Coordinator gave me an insight and confidence to motivate and inspire teachers and students. It enabled me to provide them a complete support and resource system to help them in conducting activities based on international dimension. It was an enriching learning experience. It was an eye opener as novel ideas and strategies for effective classroom teaching methods were unfolded.

(Anju Sharma ISA Coordinator)