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Developing Talent


The tGelf programme is an initiative of Nand and JeetKhemka Foundation whose vision is to nurture young ethical leaders who will be future agents of change. The objectives of the programme are to cultivate values, life-skills and leadership among the students. SKILLED (Skilling and knowhow Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development) has a unique value based curriculum which helps to create a global mind set amongst its participants. SKILLED at each grade level comprises experiential 40 minute sessions based on the following constructs

1.Concept knowledge about Leaders and Leadership Qualities.
2.Skills as Team Leaders and Team Members.
3.Skills as Effective Communicators.
4.Skills as Critical and Creative Thinkers.
5.Attitudes/ Values of Caring and Inspirational Leaders.
6. Metacognitive /Self reflection Skills.
7. Conflict Resolution Skills.
8.General Awareness

The activities which are included in lesson plans, are done in the training sessions so that the teacher facilitators get familiar with the execution of these activities with the students.
The programme aims at developing a positive attitude, spiritual mindset, courage to face challenges and explore solutions for social actions..
All these activities are interesting and well planned and will provide an enriching experience to the teachers and the students alike

Rajshree Chaudhary

Coordinator tGelf

Kathamill Colony, A. B. Road, Shivpuri (M.P.) 473638
Email Id- infohappydaysschool@gmail.com