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The Science lab is an integral part of science curriculum through which science can be taught effectively. Laboratory teaching and experiments help to build deep understanding in children. Children are able to retain knowledge for longer time when they see experiments being performed in front of their eyes

To fulfill this requirement of students and to make Science interesting and effective for students, three new innovative Science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology have been established in our school this year. This is a valuable gift and a great opportunity for teachers and students that will help them to explore their teaching and learning of Science

The Science labs are constructed in the area of 4020 square feet. They are sponsored by Ms. MandakiniPuri, in memory of her mother Mrs. KamlaMohiniPuri. These labs are basically designed according to the CBSE norms. They all are ventilated, spacious, well-furnished and well equipped with latest instruments and safety aids. Specific feature of these labs is that they are accommodated for wide range of students where they can perform experiments individually the same time. They are situated in peaceful and eco-friendly environment which creates positive and healthy learning atmosphere. A Science park is also developed adjacent to these labs


Atal Tinkering lab has been established under Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Ayog.The main purpose of this lab is to develop innovation skills among students. The lab is constructed in the area of 1440 square feet.It is also ventilated, well-furnished and equipped with 3D printer, projector, computers and a variety of instruments, tool sets and kits that offer a high quality learning space for students. In this lab, students perform hands on activities by using these tools and equipments. This helps them in exploring their creative and innovative ideas which in turn will lead to innovative projects.



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