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School Policies

Code of Conduct:

  • It is compulsory for every student to bring his/her School Diary and Identity Card every day to the school. Note given by a teacher should be checked and signed by the parents regularly.
  • The Student should in proper school uniform as prescribed. It should be clean & well ironed.
  • Proper Hair style, Crew cut for boys and one/two plaits pony tails for girls, should be strictly adhered to.
  • Student are advised to be present on the last working day before a break/vacation or on the first working day after break/vacation. If a student is on leave on medical ground for more than two days, the photocopy of the prescription of the doctor should be submitted along with the application within three days of reporting back.
  • A student must reach the school ten minutes before the assembly.
  • Discipline, decency and decorum should be maintained by each student. Any act of mischief, breach of code of conduct, disobedience, disloyalty to the institute shall be considered an act of indiscipline. It will be at the discretion of the school Management/Principal to judge the gravity of the act and decide on the action to be taken.
  • Parents are advised to refrain from entering the classroom directly.
  • A student involved in any kind of property damage will be charged with fine/penalty and disciplinary action may also be initiated against him/her.
  • Children will not be sent home without the parents or without written permission from parents/guardian.
  • Studying in an English medium school makes it obligatory to speak in English with in the school premises.
  • No student is allowed to bring mobile, i-pod or any other electronic gadget in the school campus. If found, it will be confiscated.
  • The students should refrain from wearing gold ornaments like chain, rings etc. or bring any other valuable article to school The School management shall not be responsible for any loss thereof.
  • Attendance at official functions like Sports Day, Independence Day, Annual Day, Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, etc is compulsory.
  • Report Card/Progress Report after every semester/terminal evaluation must be collected by the parents/guardian.
  • It is mandatory for all the students appearing in Board exams. To take pre-board exams.(step by step confidence building method of preparation) scheduled by the school.

General Information for Parents:

  • Parents are requested to familiarize themselves with the school diary and the rules it contains.
  • Parents must see that their children attend the school regularly and punctually.
  • Parents must inform in writing any change in their address or telephone or mobile number to the class teacher and the Principal.
  • Parents should attend all the Parents-Teacher Meetings. (Preferably both parents should come).
  • Parents should study the reports/remarks for the child given in the diary with care and take note of the remarks seriously.
  • A student suffering from a contagious disease should be made to rest at home till the student is completely free from infection.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for a child getting hurt while playing during school hours. However, the school pays prompt medical attention in case of any emergency. [School is paying a premium for the insurance cover of Rs. 500 against accidents that may occur in the school].
  • All communications should be addressed to the Class Teacher through the student's Diary in the respective column given
  • Important information will be sent via SMS to your mobile. You are requested to check them regularly.
  • A healthy snack should be sent with the child for the Tiffin Break.

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