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The Eco Club was introduced in July 2012 in our school as a hobby for students. The club is involved to create clean and green consciousness among students. Groups of enthusiastic, environmentally concerned students studying in classes 9th and 10th were chosen to form an Eco Club. Under this hobby students developed a small botanical garden and a compost pit.

Environmental dustbins were provided to all the classes and students were made responsible for keeping classrooms free from papers, plastic bags and food. The club members regularly went to all classes to check and collect the bins. They also segregated biodegradable and non- biodegradable substances and put them into separate pits. They used to clean up the school campus once in a week .

To create the garden, first of all they cleared up weeds and dug the soil in the provided field. Then, they made separate rows to grow different kinds of plants. In some rows, they sowed seeds of vegetables like spinach, coriander, radish, mustard and potatoes. In some rows, they grew flowering plants and crotons. These students actively looked after the watering and weeding of saplings and maintained the garden organically

On the occasion of Van Mahotsav Day, the members of Eco Club also planted saplings of many plants outside the school boundary and in the central garden..

-Neelam Bhardwaj


The following hobbies are offered to the student of classes III-X Students are free to opt for any of them.

1.Eco Club 2.Craft 3. Dance 4. Karate
5.Needle work 6.Adventure sports 7. Congo 8. Cassio

Addtional Activities

1.NSS 2.Scout & Guide 3. Red Cross 4. Educational Tours
5. Excursion 6.English Association 7.Career Counselling 8. Inter house competitions
9. Adventure and Integration Camps 10. MUN 11.tGelf 12.Quality Circle
13. PrayagSangeet Samiti, Alllahabad 14. YuvakBiradari 15. Spic Macay 16. NCC
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