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Safety Measures :

    The school management has undertaken all precautions to ensure the safety and security of the students.

    A committee which comprises of members of the school management committee, parents, and board members of the school society has been constituted covering all stakeholders Review of the security systems that are in place is done periodically to ensure that safety and security of the students is maintained.

    All areas of the school including the classroom, the school ground, sick room, the toilets and the hostel have been made secure. All the regulatory requirements of the CBSE have been met these include :

    1. Anti-Ragging Committee

    The Anti-ragging committee represented by the Principal, the Director and the Academic Coordinator is very active. Any sort of bullying is checked and students are counseled and sensitized on the evils of ragging .Negative impact of social media and dangers posed by it are discussed with the students.

    2. Single Point Entries

    The boundary around the school has been strengthened. A number of people come to the school for different work e.g. drivers, gardeners, masons, students, teachers, parents, amongst other visitors .We have single entry point for the school with adequate safeguards .Construction workers and other temporary staff are registered before entry.

    3. Police Verification

    All class 4 employees, drivers, conductors and staff members have police verification. Temporary staff are not kept .The Principal oversees and ensure compliance and upto date maintenance of this record.


    40 CC TV cameras have been installed to monitor the sensitive areas of the campus. . Cameras are checked at regular intervals and a servicing AMC has been entered into for this. Regular monitoring is done by Principal.

    5.Support Staff

    SOP has been formed for the appointment, working and induction of support staff members. I-card and uniform have been issued to them. Regular training is organized for them. Staff is not allowed to enter without i card and uniform.

    6. Colony Gate Control

    Two Guards are stationed at the main gate to keep a strict watch on the persons entering and maintain a register for entry of visitors.

    7.Entry of children in the school after school hours

    No entry of children in the school campus after school or before school. All students coming by their own vehicles or by auto are not allowed in school before time.

    8. Transport Performa

    Students have to submit details of their transportation and pickup authorization in the office.

    9. ID Card

    Parents carry I-Card with photo to receive their child.

    10. Fixed visiting Hours

    Visiting time of hostel parents is also fixed i.e. last Sunday of the month between 9:00 am. to4:00 pm.

    11. Protocol for the reception

    Parents are required to wait in the reception and not enter the school buildings

    12. Security of vulnerable areas

    All toilets are locked along with classrooms every day. Emergency alarm has been set up in the toilets. Junior Toilets have a maid on duty .No class 4 employee is permitted to use the children toilets under any circumstance. New toilets are constructed at parking and old ones revamped

    13 Fixed spot for support staff

    Class 4 employees vacate the area once the school starts functioning. They have one fixed spot to rest. One more toilet has been constructed at the parking for lady staff.

    14. Fire Extinguishers

    10 Fire extinguishers are kept at vulnerable points Demonstration of fire extinguisher/fire safety drill is organized.

    15. Regular checking of mobiles

    Checking of mobiles are done by sports teachers in the school. Confiscated mobiles are submitted in the school office.