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Kindergarten, Primary, Middle& Senior Sections

Kindergarten Section

At Happy Days we recognize every child as an active and competitive individual whose potential has to be explored. The teaching learning process is child cantered through the ‘Play-Way’ method. The curriculum planned is modified and adapted each day depending on the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of the child which helps them to have a sound base and a strong competency in learning skills, accelerating the process for academic learning at later stages.

Primary Section

At the primary level a multifaceted approach to academics helps the development of appropriate competency and the attitude of students. Emphasis is laid on developing imagination and creativity by initiating the child gradually into the mechanics of reading, expressing and building up the vocabulary

Middle Section

The teacher plays the role of a facilitator taking care that the learning is based on experiences and thus focusing on the holistic development of the child.

Senior Section

The learner’s aptitude and interests begin to stabilize by focusing and consolidating their knowledge for them to determine their future and thus ensuring the realization of our vision and mission.

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