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Students with special needs

Students with special needs

The school is registered with National Trust since 2008. The registration no is 1246/MR/CP/autism/MD. All teachers are sensitized towards these students of special needs and have received orientation. I visited the school as a consultant. I was impressed by the school. Though it is in the heartland of India with fewer modern luxuries, this school has a standard which can match schools in Delhi. As I went around the campus, I found the residential facilities very well organized. The kitchen was neat and well equipped with the latest gadgets like the AttaMaker. The food was well prepared, the kids well looked after. The education went hand in hand with outdoor activities. There were fields for many outdoor sports and a music room. The science labs are something they can boast about.

This is one school which provides two board options to their students. It means a wider number of children can get admission. The lower income bracket and the higher both have space under one roof. The staff is very caring and doing a good job of educating the children.

There are many children who have been admitted with challenges. In my brief evaluation I found the hearing impaired integrated into normal activities. There were mild learning challenged kids and some with moderate impairments which ranged from physical to mental abilities. These children were provided with a special educator but were mostly in the normal classrooms. Of course that is a challenge in itself. .

The staff was eager to learn techniques to help them deal better with their challenges. The management is doing an excellent job of providing education in the city. I hope to contribute to the school in bettering its facilities for the challenged.

Sujata Goyanka

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